Let me help you Save Money by teaching you how to use the Ontario Real Estate Government Programs to your Advantage!





Ignorance is bliss! But it can be quite costly in the process of buying a home.  Too often, prospective homeowners donít know all the facts about the government programs available to them when purchasing real estate. Buying a home is an exciting yet challenging process for most individuals.  Considering that a home is usually the largest investment that most people make in their lives, it is important to be aware of the various government programs available that can ease the buying process.  Some programs in the province of Ontario apply to property owners in general, while others target first-time property buyers. In addition, there are programs designed to assist individuals with commercial and industrial property units. 

Getting proper advice from a Realtor© regarding program requirements and your eligibility will enable you to achieve your dreams faster and in a more efficient manner.

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Always be sure to seek the help of a professional for more details on any of the programs summarized.  And donít forget Ö you wonít receive any answers if you donít ask any questions!


- Grant Anderson

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